Diana Giannarelli, Italy

Diana Giannarelli is the Head of Biostatistical Unit at the Regina Elena National Cancer Institute in Rome. In 1984 she got the degree cum laude in Statistical and Demographical Science at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’. 

As a biostatistical expert she is currently member of the Ethic Committee Lazio1 and she is the Head of Technical-Scientific Secretariat of Ethic Committee of Regina Elena National Cancer Institute of Rome. 

From 2001 she is Adjunct Professor of Statistical Methodology of Experimental Research at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’.

Since 1986 she has been involved in planning and design of clinical trials, management of data and CRF design, statistical analysis of data, statistical report of clinical trials and metanalysis. Her expertise deals with the design of protocols in oncology from phase I to phase III with particular attention nowadays to immunotherapy studies. She is deeply involved in investigating clinical trial endpoints to define drug and therapy value.

She collaborates with many national institutions, cooperative groups and some of the major pharma industries.

From 1987 she is co-author in more than 290 papers on peer-reviewed journals.

According to Web of Science she reaches 6774 citations with an H index of 44.

For any info, her mail address is diana.giannarelli@ifo.gov.it