Aldo Scarpa, Italy

Aldo Scarpa, MD, PhD
Professor, Pathology and Molecular Pathology
Director, ARC-NET Research Centre for the Applied Research on Cancer
University and Hospital Trust of Verona
Verona, Italy

Aldo Scarpa, MD, PhD, leads the Cancer Biobank Network Programme in the Veneto Region of Italy. Dr. Scarpa is chief of the Diagnostic Molecular Pathology Laboratory, which is recognized by the Veneto Government and the Biotechnology Committee of the Italian Government as one of the referral centers for cancer molecular diagnostics and one of the 10 strategic centers in the nation for the development of innovative strategies in molecular medicine. He is leader of the Italian effort in the International Cancer Genome Consortium, funded by the Italian Ministry of Research and Ministry of Health. 

Dr. Scarpa is the principal investigator of the Italian National Consortium for early diagnostics in cancer, funded by the Italian Association for Cancer research (AIRC). He also participates in several European Union–funded consortia for molecular diagnosis of cancer. As a pioneer in the application of molecular biology to the study of cancer, he founded Molecular Diagnostic Laboratories at Verona University-Italy in 1985 and at the Cancer Centre in Cuenca-Ecuador in 1999, performing population screening for cervical cancer using papilloma DNA testing, molecular diagnosis of leukemia and cancer for therapy decisions and follow-up, and characterization and monitoring of bone marrow transplantation.

The research focus of Dr. Scarpa is the translation into clinical practice of molecular subclassifications of cancers with prognostic-diagnostic-therapeutic relevance. His current efforts are devoted to the prospective clinical validation of liquid biopsies using matched molecular characterization of primary tumors and sequential plasma samples from patients under treatment. He has published more than 350 articles.